A Solid Track Record of Investment Success

Over the past 16 years, Alex Hemani and Ninety9 Capital have built a successful real estate investment and management business, with a focus on Single Family Rental investments. Each of his investments has substantially outperformed the market and other investment vehicles.

Now, Alex is sharing his experience and success, and helping others share in the opportunities to build generational wealth. And unlike some “real estate experts” who make their money primarily by selling books and seminars to new investors, Alex Hemani is a participant in every deal and private equity fund we put together.

While past performance is no guarantee of future results, here are some examples of the returns Alex has been able to generate since 2006:

Single Family Rentals 2006-2022: 54% IRR (16 years)

Fix N Flip Properties: 2017-2022: 35% IRR

Short-Term Transactional Funding: 8% Annual Return

Commercial Real Estate Project: 25% IRR

New Construction: 25% IRR

Multi-Family: 30% IRR

Land Holding Investment: 33% IRR

If you’re looking to build generational wealth, diversify your investment portfolio and want to participate in private real estate investment funds, click on the link below.

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Ninety9 Capital invests in single family homes and other real estate properties that are strategically positioned to maximize rental income cash flow and provide multiple exit strategies. Here are a small sample of the typical investment-grade, single family properties in our current portfolio.